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EVE Online: Rubicon cinematic trailer

by: Randy -
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I don't mean to pick on EVE Online, because cinematic trailers, as a whole, aren't good at depicting gameplay in a video game. Cinematic trailers are good at conveying a mood or spirit, but lack truthiness on what it's actually like to play EVE. Don't get me wrong: there's a frightening intensity to EVE combat, and there can be a sometimes childish wonder (and spine-seizing fear) gripping you when exploring deep space. But the adventure isn't as Michael Bay as this new trailer for upcoming expansion, EVE Online: Rubicon, makes it out to be.

Despite some stiff speech animations, this is a good-looking video showcasing the new Sisters of EVE ships -- the white ones -- debuting in Rubicon, a ghost site, some good ol' hacking, and, surprisingly, the revamped models for your cold, dead corpse that'll be spinning in space when your ship and pod are destroyed.

And, here's the latest entry in my Any Given EVE series, where my three-year-old goes all Freaky Friday on me, and I start figuring out where games imitate life.