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SkyDrive integrated with Xbox One

by: John -
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Cloud storage is pretty useful with the likes of Box and Dropbox. Microsoft has their own solution in SkyDrive and with the release of the Xbox One, you'll also be able access your photos and videos from Microsoft's cloud storage on the console as well.

The Xbox One filters out everything but your photos and videos. If you store documents or other file types, they won't show up on the Xbox One. The UI will also format the listing into a nice view for the living room and there will be some nice effects to show off your videos and pictures.

Of course, you can use Kinect to navigate and share your photos with just your voice. Gestures are supported as well.

A nice feature is the ability to see pictures in a "channel" that are shared by your friends. It shows up in a guide listing that's integrated with the TV listing. 

Xbox One seems to have a pretty deep integration with SkyDrive and it looks like it'll give you a nice and easy way to view your pictures and videos.