Titanfall Collector's Edition also comes with snazzy, misspelled poster

by: Randy -
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It's not the centerpiece of the $249.99 Titanfall Collector's Edition, but this is still a neatly rendered 36" x 27" schematic poster of an Atlas titan. It points to parts of the Atlas and neatly prints out inexplicable model numbers like "PL-007 104" (which probably means "part, left, seven") and "PR-001 049" (likewise, "first part on the right). The poster also misspells the word "missile" in the upper left-hand corner, but who cares when there are things to blow up! With your missle. 

This collector's edition also comes with an 18-inch tall Titan figurine with diorama, The Art of Titanfall hardcover book, and the Xbox One, Xbox 360, or PC version of the game you choose.