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All PS4s ship with $10 PlayStation Store credit and more

by: Sam -
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Anyone getting a PlayStation 4 on November 15th will also be getting a little something extra with their console and controller. All launch PS4s will come with a promotional voucher for a $10 PlayStation Store credit, 30-day free trial for PlayStation Plus, and a 30-day free trial for Music Unlimited, Sony announced today via the PlayStation Blog. 

That 30-day PlayStation Plus trial means that every PS4 owner gets access to Resogun and Contrast free right out of the box, and a $10 credit should be enough to snag at least one other game. This guarantees every PS4 owner has something to do on day one, and I think this is a great move on Sony's part.

Source: blog.us.playstation.com

A Threefold Surprise for PS4 Owners

+ Posted by Eric Lempel // VP, Sony Network Entertainment

After months of anticipation, we’re just a week away from the launch of PlayStation 4 in the United States and Canada. Starting at midnight on November 15th, you’ll be able to see for yourself what the future of gaming and entertainment looks like.

The network now expands across a wide array of digital entertainment including incredible multi-player gameplay, availability of full games day and date, streaming movies and TV shows, and a premium cloud-based music service. We are excited to provide those of you in the US and Canada with a special promotional voucher in every PS4 box* that includes:

$10 Sony Entertainment Network wallet credit for PlayStation Store
30-day free PlayStation Plus membership trial
30-day free Music Unlimited service trial**

Out of the box, you can immediately experience everything PlayStation Plus for PS4 has to offer and have access to millions and millions of songs through Music Unlimited. The $10 credit can be used towards anything in the store including new PS4 launch titles, such as Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag, Battlefield 4, Call of Duty Ghosts, and Killzone Shadow Fall.

Look for the voucher when you open your PS4 box and let us know what you’re excited about playing, listening, or watching by using #PS4 on Twitter.

* Available for a limited time only
** Only for new subscribers to the Premium Plan