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Watch the PlayStation 4 get torn down to its bare bones

by: John -
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We've got a little over a week before the PlayStation 4 gets into the hands of the public but Wired has a nice video on someone doing an unboxing of the product. Well, more than an unboxing, he goes and takes it apart.

The console has two seals that will let the company know if one tries to get into the guts the machine. Four screws are all that hold the bottom cover of the PlayStation 4 on. Sony's engineers did a great job in integrating the power supply into the unit. It's a far cry from the bulky box that the 360 had and continues what they did in the previous PlayStation consoles.

The motherboard is placed upside down in the case and it's a pretty clean setup. The person in the video says the CPU is the same one found in PCs, but they had to specially design the motherboard to fit into the a console sized space. AMD's supplied CPU has a graphics card integrated into it and it's been known to be called an APU or Accelerated Processing Unit. Sixteen memory chips are soldered around the APU for a total of 8GB.

Something I didn't know is there's a secondary CPU for low power network processing. This will be used in some features like updating via the network when the unit is not being used.

All told, it's a pretty nice design inside. It's clean and clutter free with lots of good ways to dissipate heat. If there's one thing Sony knows, it's hardware design and construction.