Borderlands 2 Loot Hunt Day 27: Gold Golem

by: Russell -
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I know we've revisited a few places before during the Borderlands 2 Loot Hunt, but two days in a row?  I don't think we've done that since Knuckledragger and Boom & Bewm back when this started.  Anyway, today's target is once again in the Mines of Avarice as you look to hunt down the Glod Golem.  Well technically it's the Gold Golem but Tiny Tina made a typo and since she likes it so much she wants to keep it.  Anyway, taking down the Gold Golem will get you a Grog Nozzle you can use to help take down 20,000 Giant Skeletons.  This is the final day for this week's community challenge and we're about halfway to the target, so it's looking like we'll get the community challenge reward again this week.