DICE is letting you know what bugs are in Battlefield 4 and when they are fixing them

by: John -
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While the launch of Battlefield 4 hasn't gone smoothly, it's not as bad as some games currently out there. Still, bugs are there and bound to happen with games like this and DICE has a page up listing the problems and if they have been resolved.

I've personally experienced a few of these myself, especially the crashing bug that kills all my progress. That's the frustrating one, of course. A few you can live with until they're fixed, but having spend a good 20 minutes on a map only to be kicked off and losing all the experience I garnered took a lot of wind out of my sails. At least I haven't run into anything that prevented me from playing the game, but a few did force me to reload a checkpoint in the single player campaign.

While bugs are a pain, I'm glad to see something like this to keep the public informed on the progress as well as discovery of new bugs.