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Don't flirt with the strippers in GTA Online unless you are playing solo

by: Nathan -
More On: Grand Theft Auto Online

I'm sure by now everyone knows that you can get private dances via the strip club in Grand Theft Auto V. You can get private dances in GTA Online as well but they added an extra feature to it. You can flirt with the strippers via your headset. I'm fully convinced that this feature was added simply for this reason and this reason only. 

Originally posted on World Star Hip Hop, one gamer recorded another player flirting with a stripper in GTA Online. I am assuming that this poor guy doesn't realize that everyone can hear him as he tells the stripper that she "looks like Beyonce" and "You ain't gonna go to college." Maybe, he does know and just doesn't care. Who knows but at least it provided us with a pretty funny video. 

So if any of you are planning on flirting with the strippers in GTA Online, make sure you do it in a private lobby, alone. 

I think it's safe to say that the language in the video is NSFW.