Single player trailer for Battlefield 4 leaves no one behind and punches dogs

by: Chuck -
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First we had the Call of Duty: Ghosts launch trailer and now we have the trailer for the single player portion of Battlefield 4, which will hopefully be significantly better than the single player campaign of Battlefield 3.  I'm still not sure why DICE feels the need to crank out a single player campaign for the game other than to check a tick box on a product comparison spreadsheet somewhere.  

Griping aside the trailer does show some interesting new footage as we see the team try to rescue a bunch of VIP's from Shanghai.  Of course everything goes wrong, stuff explodes, and towards the end of the trailer a guy punches a dog (which may or may not a shot at the dog in Call of Duty:Ghosts).  

. We'll get the context for the dog punching next week as that's when Battlefield 4 hits stores.