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New co-op multiplayer mode for Ace Combat Infinity

by: Cary -
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Ace Combat Infinity will feature a new co-op multiplayer mode that features four player squadron based gameplay where you can play with or compete against other squads online. The mode is specifically designed to require team cooperation to complete missions like destroying enemy troops or bases. 

The strategy you implement to accomplish each mission is completely up to you and your team. Take out the harder enemies first or pick off the ones your rivals have weakened to score kills. Main mission goals are also decided by a team. Squads can take on large tasks to be completed or compete by simply outscoring them.

Players will also reap benefits from playing in cohesive squads by earning rewards that allow them to obtain and enhance aircraft and weapons adding yet another level of strategy to the game. 

Ace Combat Infinity is coming to PS3 on the Playstation Network.

Suit Up and Strap In for Ace Combat Infinity's Online Multiplayer Sorties

The Key to all successful combat missions is great teamwork and overwhelming firepower! Ace Combat Infinity's multiplayer mode will challenge you to work with a squadron of friends to either go head-to-head or cooperate with other squads to dominate the skies.

AceCombat Infinity's "Online Co-op Missions" is a completely new mode to the series challenging four players to create one cohesive squadron to either work with or compete against another rival team. Players will then take-on missions specifically designed for this mode heightening the need to work as a unit to destroy enemy troops or take out an enemy troop base, etc.

The winning air combat strategy is in the hands of each pilot within each team. PLayers can decide to challenge stronger AI enemies with allied squadrons first or go after targets that the rival teams did not destroy to rack up more kills. Players and their teams will decide on their main mission goals as well, from accomplishing a huge mission task by cooperating with other squadrons to going completely head-to-head against rival flight squads to outscore them to demonstrating their superior team dynamics by providing superior wingman skills to ensure the team returns to base victorious.

Ace Combat Infinity will allow players to use rewards gained from playing the "Online Co-op Missions" to obtain their favorite aircraft and enhance them. The more a player plays online with friends, the more strategy they will be able to use to gain a larger variety of aircraft and special weapons.

ACE COMBAT INFINITY will be coming exclusively to the PlayStation3 computer entertainment system via the PlayStation Network