Borderlands 2 Loot Hunt Day 7: Midgemong

by: Russell -
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Today, the Borderlands 2 Loot Hunt goes back to the core game with it's target: Midgemong.  You know, that little guy riding a bullymong in the Southern Shelf Bay?  Knocking off Midgemong will net you the Tinderbox, but don't worry about having to use it right away: there's no community goal today.  Instead, bask in the glory of a week of killing off creatures well done with this week's community reward: The Creamer.

Oh yeah, about that.  From what I've been reading online, apparently the Creamer is a common drop from Midgemong today.  Um...yeah, he decided he didn't like me and didn't drop it.  Unfortunately I'm out of town and on my laptop for the next week that doesn't run Borderlands 2 that well, so I was barely able to kill Midgemong on Normal mode without going crazy from low FPS as it was, let alone farm for a rocket launcher.