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Happy Thanksgiving

by: Chuck -
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On behalf of everyone here on the GamingNexus staff I would like to wish all of our US readers a Happy Thanksgiving (Happy Thursday to everybody outside the states).  Today is the day where we give thanks for the things we have.  Keeping that in mind here is my list of things I'm thankful for:
 - I'm thankful for having one of the best writing staffs an editor  could ask for
-  I'm thankful for getting the opportunity to write about one of the most exciting mediums in the world
-  I'm thankful I get to work with some of the best PR people in the world (I gotta suck up every once in a while)
 - I'm thankful for having a wonderful and supportive family and girlfriend, who no longer look at me weird when I geek out about a game
 - I'm thankful for Capcom releasing a multiplayer demo of Lost Planet Extreme Condition even though I won't get to play it until I get home this weekend
 - I'm thankful that the console launches are behind us so we can focus on the games from here on out
 - I'm thankful that the Blue Jackets have finally hired a real coach
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