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Limited and Collector's Editions Announced for inFAMOUS Second Son

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inFAMOUS fans eagerly awaiting the release of the series' first next gen title, inFAMOUS Second Son, have another reason to put a pre-order down on the game. Earlier today, PlayStation Blog revealed that all pre-orders of inFAMOUS Second Son will automatically be upgraded to the Limited Edition version at no extra cost. On top of the alternate vests that were already being offered with pre-orders the Limited Edition comes with a premium foil cover sporting an alternate cover art, and the Cole's Legacy DLC. This DLC covers the events connecting inFAMOUS 2 to Second Son and will allow players to unlock Cole's jacket in-game. This DLC will not be available for purchase after the game is released. 

But that isn't the only new edition of the game announced today. For $20 more you can upgrade to the Collector's Edition of Second Son. Inside the Collector's Edition is a full retail copy of inFAMOUS Second Son with exclusive cover art, another exclusive in-game vest, and the Cole's Legacy DLC, as well as a number of real world goodies including a replica beanie, button set, decals, and a patch. 

inFAMOUS Second Son is set to release exclusively on the PlayStation 4 sometime in February 2014. 


The PS4 launch is right around the corner, which means plenty of fantastic, next-gen games to check out on November 15th! But today, we’re here to update you on inFAMOUS Second Son. Sucker Punch Productions has devoted tremendous effort to it so far, and we’ve been working with them to reward gamers who pre-order with not only the exclusive vests we announced, but also an upgraded, limited edition that gives you a unique foil cover, as well as Cole’s Legacy DLC.
Behold! The inFAMOUS Second Son Limited Edition for only $59.99! Like the title says, it’s limited, so if you’re interested, don’t forget to pre-order. This item won’t be available after launch.

Don’t worry if you’ve already pre-ordered, by the way. You’ll automatically be upgraded to the Limited Edition!

But what’s this Cole’s Legacy DLC we mentioned? For one, it won’t be available for purchase when inFAMOUS Second Son launches. It’s only available through these offers here. It’s additional downloadable content you’ll be able to play that uncovers what happened between the devastating events of Infamous 2 and inFAMOUS Second Son.

Cole MacGrath’s actions in New Marias set in motion a chain of events leading to the now forceful occupation of Seattle by the oppressive Department of Unified Protection. Cole’s Legacy bridges this gap in time with a series of missions Delsin Rowe must complete that reveal unique insights into how the world of inFAMOUS Second Son came to be.

And for those of you looking for something to collect, look no further than the inFAMOUS Second Son Collector’s Edition for only $79.99.
The inFAMOUS Second Son Collector’s Edition contains everything you need to get into the Infamous universe. This beautiful, very limited collector’s edition contains a copy of inFAMOUS Second Son, an exclusive cover, exclusive in-game vest, a replica of Delsin’s beanie, a set of pins, decals, a DUP patch, and Cole’s Legacy DLC!

The Limited and Collector’s Editions will be gone pretty quickly, so be sure to pre-order before the game comes out early next year, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more Infamous content and news!

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