DICE addresses some of the issues from the Battlefield 4 beta

by: John -
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Having played the beta for Battlefield 4 for the few weeks it was up, I ran into a few of the issues mentioned on the latest blog that DICE has posted. Specifically, being stuck on the loading screen and the high CPU usage as those two things crept up on me a few times. I didn't experience the low frame rate issue, which would've have annoyed me to no end since I have an i7-4770K and a GeForce GTX 780. 

The beta period seemed to have brought forth some good information to DICE and they are going to be fixing a few issues before the release of the game in a two weeks. There's also some balancing issues, but I see they haven't touched the shotguns yet. Man, those shotguns were powerful in the game. The fixes encompass both the PC and console versions.

More fixes will, of course, be forth coming after the game. Battlefield 4 comes out on October 29th for the PC, Xbox 360, and PS4 while it hits the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on November 12th.