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Lootbag DLC for Payday 2 now available on Xbox 360 and PS3

by: Nathan -
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Those of you who are still robbing those banks and stealing that meth in Payday 2 may be interested to know that some DLC is now available for both the Xbox 360 and PS3. The Lootbag DLC was originally only available to those who pre-ordered the game but now it is available to everyone for $4.99. Buying the Lootbag DLC will nab you the following items

  • Military red dot weapon sight available for use on all rifles and shotguns
  • Bundle of in-game cash
  • Skull mask
  • Black and red mask
  • Mask with "I Love OVERKILL!"

If you have yet to play Payday 2 and are on the fence, a downloadable demo of the game is now available for Xbox 360. The PS3 demo will be released at later date. 


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