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If you haven't read Bill Willingham's multiple-Eisner-winning comic book series Fables, here's your chance to dip your toes into something amazing. Tell Tale Games is about to launch The Wolf Among Us, a series that takes place before the first issue of Fables. You will be placed in the role of Bigby Wolf, known formerly as The Big Bad Wolf, the sheriff of the underground community of exiled fairy tales. Your job is to maintain order  in a society of mythical creatures and keep it under wraps from the mundane world- no easy task considering some of the citizens are Mr. Toad looking to car-jack his next wild-ride, Chain-smoking little pigs, booze-soaked flying monkeys, and let's not forget the badass bureaucratic Snow White.

Episode one of The Wolf Among Us, 'Faith' launches worldwide on October 11th for the Xbox Games Store for $4.99. A Season Pass is also available, allowing you to purchase the rest of the series (episodes 2-5) for $14.99, instead of paying $4.99 per episode.
The series will also launch for PC on October 11th, available through the Telltale Online Store, Steam, and other digital distributors as a Season Pass that includes all five episodes (available as they release). The Wolf Among Us can be pre-ordered up until Friday, October 11th for a 10% discount.
The Wolf Among Us will launch on the Playstation Network in North America on October 15th as individual episodes for $4.99, or as a Season Pass for $19.99 that will include all five episodes as they are released. A release title for PSN EU will be announced as soon as it is confirmed.

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