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Win a Xbox One from Doritos and Mt. Dew every 2 minutes later this year

by: Dan -
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Just about 8 years ago, Microsoft teamed up with Mountain Dew to run one of the best gaming tie-ins ever with the Every10Minutes.com promotion. The premise was simple, key in codes and then enter them into auctions that would take place every 10 minutes. If you were a winner, you took home a brand new Xbox 360 Pro console and a launch titles. Initially, it was supposed to be the Madden game (which actually came later), but instead the winners all received copies of the underrated Kameo. I was one of those lucky enough to win and was enjoying Kameo on the Saturday before the console was released.

Fast forward 8 years, and with the launch of the Xbox One on November 22nd, Microsoft is once again teaming with Mountain Dew, but also adding in Doritos as a partner as well. This time around, the promotion is called Everey2Minutes with the design being somewhat similar to the original, with the sweepstakes giving away a new Xbox One prize package away every 2 minutes. However, the overall sweepstakes has been beefed up with a Marketplace and three tiers of prizes. Also, it doesn’t look like the Xbox One will be delivered before release (unlike Sony’s Taco Bell promo), so it may take several weeks to come in once winners have been fully verified.

The promotion kicks off in a little over 29 days on November 5th and runs through December 9th, so start banking your codes and set a reminder to key them into the auctions starting on November 5th. For all the details, including the prize tiers, rules and FAQ, head over to Every2Minutes.com and get registered.