Rap Genius decides who wins these classic video game rivalries

by: Randy -
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Rap music is pop culture. And, for better or worse, rappers tend to have their fingers on the pulse of pop culture at the same time. It's a vicious/benign cycle, depending on your take.

Rap Genius is a site dedicated to the annotation and interpretation of rap lyrics. It runs on user-generated content, operating on a format not completely unlike Wikipedia. Rap Genius just recently added Rap Stats, a tool that plots words appearing in rap songs from 1988 through the present day.

So we took a look at our favorite pastime -- video games, duh -- to see who's "winning," via how frequently rap artists mention them. You can do your own searches over at rapgenius.com/rapstats. Don't feel limited by the subject matter either. Well, to a certain extent. I found absolutely zero references to "volume conversion constants," "Ruth Bader Ginsburg," or the "floor is lava!" So, temper your research, armed with that knowledge.
Nintendo vs. PlayStation vs. Xbox

Mario vs. Luigi

Street Fighter vs. Mortal Kombat

Forza vs. Gran Turismo

Red vs. Blue (Pokemon)