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Rockstar updates on Grand Theft Auto Online issues

by: John -
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You knew this was going to happen. Almost all large online games experience some sort of outage or issues with service during the first few days. Now, it's a matter of how long a company takes to fix the situation.

Rockstar has some updates on the issues gamers are facing in Grand Theft Auto Online after the Tuesday launch. There's a page dedicated to various issues and their statuses. Now some folks, of course, aren't having issues while plenty others have. I've been on the good and bad side of these types of things many times, so it just takes a little bit of patience if you're having trouble with the game.

Let's hope Rockstar is able to alleviate a lot of these problems quickly. There's a game or two out there in recent memory where the horrible online issues killed its popularity. But, at least Grand Theft Auto V has a single player campaign that isn't reliant on being online. Still, I know plenty of folks really wanting to play with others and who can blame them. Grand Theft Auto online looks incredibly fun.