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Visually see the improvements on the new Kinect

by: John -
More On: Xbox One
The Kinect that comes with the Xbox One is greatly improved, Microsoft says. How much improved? Well, the video from Microsoft below shows you how much better the cameras are at detecting certain aspects of people. It not only can do fingers and more joints, but Kinect can now even track the orientation of your limbs.

Force is also being detected as Kinect can tell which muscles are being used and the demo shows a model with different color representations on when a muscle in a certain body part is working. The punching demo is pretty cool too showing a white dot in space representing a punch. When the person throws a harder punch, the white dot grows significantly larger.

Microsoft did talk about how Kinect can detect the heart beat from changes in the face. The end of the video shows you that in action, and of course, this will be something that I'm sure fitness applications will take advantage of along with the force detection.

The video does make it seem like the lag is very, very small compared to the previous version of Kinect. We'll have to wait and see when the console comes out if this is indeed true. Let's hope so as that was one of the major complaints of the previous Kinect camera and it would be great if Microsoft has reduced the lag to what you see in the video when playing games.