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EVE Online bringing Dark Horse books to New York Comic Con

by: Randy -
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EVE Online is going to New York Comic Con, October 10-13, and they're bringing their Dark Horse Comics projects with them.

The first project is a comic book called True Stories. This is loosely based on a crowdsourced anecdote from EVE's True Stories from the First Decade. The comic book will be in four chapters, each done by a different artist, released digitally free of charge, then available for purchase in print.

EVE Universe - SOURCE, the second project, is a pictorially rich and lore-dense exploration of the EVE Universe. Races, backstory, setting -- all of it reaching across 10 years of EVE's online gaming history.

Both will be available in 2014.

Here are some small snapshots (sorry, it's the only glimpse CCP is revealing right now) of what's in the SOURCE book.