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You can play Grand Theft Auto Online tomorrow at 7AM EST

by: Nathan -
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Wondering when you and your friends can wreak havoc in Los Santos in GTA Online? IGN confirms that GTA Online will launch at  4am Pacific, 7am Eastern, 12pm Greenwich Mean Time, 9pm Eastern Australian time tomorrow. The game will unlock via a title update which, when downloaded, will give you access to GTA Online. Once downloaded, either select the online tap in the pause menu or select the empty spot in the character wheel. 

Rockstar also dropped some new news on GTA Online via the Rockstar Newswire.

The game will take place months prior to the events of the single player and familiar characters such as Lamar and Lester will appear as well. Rockstar wants to make sure the experience is fun for everyone, so to combat trolls and griefers you will need to be invited into another players home. Once you are invited, it will be considered a "friendly visit" and other players will not be allowed to destroy your home or cars. 

Another interesting tidbit is that Rockstar reassures everyone that the game will not be pay-to-win. Sure you can buy GTA$ right away but you will not be able to buy the best cars and guns until you unlock them via leveling up. GTA$ sounds like it's for the people who want to buy clothes and property right away instead of saving up for it. 

See you all in Los Santos tomorrow! I just hope that the servers don't explode from millions of players trying to get on at once.