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Check out four new images from Contrast

by: Chuck -
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I don't think I've been too good at hiding my enthusiasm for Contrast, the innovative 2D/3D platformer from the folks at Compulsion games.  The game has you playing Dawn, the imaginary friend of a little girl who can get around the environment around in a few unusual ways (see this trailer for details as well as the hear some of the game's amazing soundtrack).

Today the team has released four new screenshots which show off some of the shadow puzzles from the game.  In two of the screen shows you can see Didi (the young girl) helping Dawn by creating new shadows, in another you can see Dawn jumping up from a carnival game, and the final one is just a nice two-shot of the two together.  Be sure to check out my write-up from E3 for the game or check out the game's spanking new website.  

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