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More PS3's headed to stores

by: Chuck -
Sony just sent us a nice collection of statements and facts about the launch (notably absent is the number of units that were available last week).  The good news is that there are more units on their way and there should be more units available this Friday.  Here in the US this Friday is Black Friday, where stores all over the country open early so we can begin the Consumermas holiday season.  Adding in PS3's to the Friday madness should help really crank up the insanity to 11.

Launch Sales

-- The initial allocation of systems sold out within hours

-- Biggest selling game: Resistance: Fall of Man, followed by Madden '07

-- The $599 60GB model was the top selling SKU (over the $499 20GB model)

-- The buzz around the PS3 had a halo effect on other PlayStation products:

-- PSP week-over-week sales increased +29% at our top 5 retailers (week ending Nov. 20)

-- PS2 week-over-week sales increased +24% at our top 5 retailers (week ending Nov. 20)

-- Our official launch statement is below, for those who didn't catch it.

Interesting notes:

-- From David Letterman's monologue on Friday: "PlayStation 3 was released today, at least there's some good news for George Bush"

-- Sen. John Edwards is in hot water with Walmart because one of his staffers called and tried to get him special treatment to get a PS3... Sen. Edwards is a vocal critic of Walmart

-- Nike has created a commemorative PS3 shoe http://www.issforums.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=319058

Thanksgiving Weekend

-- PS3s will be airlifted in to the US on a weekly basis through the end of the year. A new shipment has already arrived and will be available at retail by Black Friday

-- We are still focused on reaching our goal of 1 million units in the pipeline by Dec. 31 in the US

PS3 Launch Statement

"Sony Computer Entertainment America couldn’t be more pleased with the response we have seen from consumers since the launch of PLAYSTATION 3 on Friday. This truly demonstrates the power of the PlayStation brand and further validates our belief that consumers see real value in an entertainment system that will define the next decade of digital entertainment. At this point, we are focused on getting as many new PS3s to the North American market as possible for the holidays, including airlifting systems to the territory on a constant basis. With PS3 manufacturing now running smoothly and product being aired in weekly, we're focused on our goal of shipping a million units to retail by the end of the calendar year. Due to the immediate nature of these shipments, we will not be providing weekly updates on North American supplies."