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A great alternate ending to the Last of Us

by: John -
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The ending to The Last of Us is one of the most talked about endings recently. It was powerful, heart wrenching, emotional, and some say controversial. But what if it ended, well, a little differently. 

Here's a great video showcasing some of the mo-cap used in the game, but there's a little more to it with this video. There's a new take on how the game ends, a unique take. It really changes the game around, per say, and it's definitely worth watching if you've finished the game. It also shows why Troy Baker is such a great talent. It really does.

Again, only watch this if you've finished the game. You'll enjoy it a lot, I promise. And yes, as one of the comments in the YouTube channel says, it's still better than the ending to Mass Effect 3. 
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