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iRacing adds Linux to existing Mac and PC platforms

by: Dave -
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Although my primary gaming rig is a Windows machine, it has somewhat inconveniently been moved away from my normal gaming area to a spot closer to the Forza 3 Playseat I picked up for a song on Craig's List. I have been hoping to get an older PC that I could dedicate completely to iRacing, but finding a dirt cheap but suitable-for-iRacing PC has been hampered by the addtional cost of a Windows license.

No more!

Bedford, MA (September 23, 2013) The world’s premier motorsports simulation service keeps getting better and better. Recent weeks have seen the release of the Mac OS X version of iRacing and the addition of full native support for the Oculus Rift Virtual headset to the service. Today, announced a Linux version of the online racing service is now available.

With these new releases, iRacing enhances an international reputation for its state-of-the-art technology and accuracy, together with a fun, easy-to-use functionality that attracts beginners and pro drivers alike. With constant updates and improvements to its feature-rich, centralized service, iRacing has proven hugely popular across a broad spectrum of motorsports including open wheel, stock and sports cars, road course, speedway and short track racing.

The new Mac OS X and Linux versions are expected to boost what are already some very impressive numbers for the service; numbers like 793,735,000 racing laps run, 50,000 members worldwide and some 350 private leagues. With nearly 40 different official series featuring more than two-dozen meticulously-modeled cars on 60 laser-scanned tracks – and new cars, tracks and features in the pipeline — the months ahead will see continue to do what it does best: get better and better.

Go to for complete details of the PC, Mac OS X and Linux versions of, together with a complete inventory of race cars, tracks, series and unique features of the world’s foremost online motorsports simulation service.

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