The auction houses are being removed from Diablo III

by: John -
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Here's an update to Diablo III that will make a ton of fans happy. Blizzard is shutting down both the real money and gold auction houses on March 18, 2014. That gives folks ample time to weed themselves off of the auction houses.

Having played a ton of hours in the game, it did get to a point where I would just find items to sell in the gold auction house. I probably only found two items since level 60 that I use. Most of my items came from the gold auction house and that's not a good way to play the game. Finding loot to use in Diablo III should be a core component of the game, not finding stuff to sell.

With that, I'm glad they are turning this feature off. They will also be changing the loot system so hopefully, we'll get more useful items at a higher frequency, like how the console version is. Now, they just need to add offline mode. But, removing the auction houses is a start and I applaud Blizzard for doing this.