EA/DICE show off Battlefield 4's multiplayer mayhem in latest trailer

by: Chuck -
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The folks at EA have released a new trailer for Battlefield 4 that shows off all of the multiplayer fun that awaits players next month when the game hits stores.  For battlefield vets this looks very familiar as Battlefield 4 is a bit of an evolution of what we've seen in the series for years.  

Of course there are a few new wrinkles like the updated commander mode (which we last saw in Battlefield 2) and the new levels of environmental destruction that the Frostbyte 4 engine brings to the table.  All of this sounds good but I'm interested to see how all of these things work in practice.  The giant new levels are awesome but how well will the combat be focused in the game?  Will the new commander mode actually be useful?  We'll find out on October 29th when the game releases for current generation consoles and PC.