Upgrading to next-gen will be easy with Battlfield 4

by: Sean Cahill -
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In a move that seemingly is expected to repeat itself across many franchises in the coming weeks, Battlefield 4 will be upgradeable to the next-gen consoles if fans of the game opt to buy it before the PS4 and XB1 make their way to retail locations.  This has been a hot topic ever since the announcement of the consoles earlier this year, especially if no one wanted to address the gigantic elephant in the room soon enough and basically force people to pay twice for one game.  It's great to see the biggest franchises getting their acts together and realizing that fans are the lifeblood of the industry and throwing them this obvious bone is the way to go.
We want to make it easy for BF4 fans to upgrade from the current generation of consoles to the next generation of entertainment. That’s why today we are clarifying the offers that will make the transition effortless, saving you time and money. Read on for the full details.
On October 29, we will launch Battlefield 4 on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Experience the pinnacle of this generation of gaming with best-in-class multiplayer warfare, spectacular visuals and massive destruction. A few weeks later, we’ll bring the ultimate all-out-war experience to the next generation of consoles. Battlefield 4 will be available for PlayStation 4 starting November 12 in North America and November 29 in Europe, and Xbox One starting November 19 in North America and November 22 in Europe.
Don’t wait to get into the action. You can buy the game on current-gen and benefit from up to three weeks of play time – time that can be used to rank up, giving you a competitive advantage on the next-gen battlefield. We respect the time you will invest in playing and don’t want you to lose all of your effort when you upgrade to next-gen. That is why we are making it easy to carry forward your multiplayer stats and your Battlefield 4 Premium membership. No more worrying about starting all over again. Your rank, score, K/D ratio, wins, time played, service stars, dog tags taken, vehicles destroyed, repairs, revives, squad score, accuracy and more will all transfer to next-gen consoles at launch.
Click here to find out how you can buy now and upgrade easily later.
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