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Check out the official Call of Duty: Ghosts single player trailer

by: Nathan -
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In case you didn't realize, the Call of Duty games do in fact have a single player campaign. People usually spend most of their time in Multiplayer so it's understandable that they could miss it. Well Activision and Infinity Ward want to let everyone know that Call of Duty: Ghosts will also have a single player campaign and today they revealed the debut trailer for it. 

The story of Call of Duty: Ghosts will be set in the not too distant future. After a missile attack from a space satellite named Odin the United States has been left in complete shambles. Ten years later, the US is no longer the super power it once was and a threat from south of the equator threatens to eliminate the US once and for all. The remaining special ops forces from all branches of the US Military, calling themselves "Ghosts", come together to stop the threat. 

Now remember, this is not a continuation of the Modern Warfare or Black Ops stories. This is a new world and a brand new story to the Call of Duty universe. The single player campaign also looks like it could be directed by Michael Bay because there are explosions, lots and lots of explosions. Check it out below! 

If you missed the news, pre-ordering the game at Gamestop will get you a discount on Eminem's upcoming album The Marshal Mathers LP 2, which will release on November 5th, the same day as Call of Duty: Ghosts.