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The PS Vita gets smaller, more power, and six colors

by: John -
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Thinking of picking up a PlayStation Vita soon? Perhaps you're looking for one to be a companion to your PlayStation 4. Well, Sony's made some improvements to the Vita that will be coming out in Japan at least. 

Sony has managed to shave off 20% in thickness for the Vita while also adding an extra hour of usage. The reduced thickness also reduced the weight of the Vita by 15% as well. The new Vita also uses a new LCD screen versus an OLED screen in the previous design. 

If color is your thing, the new Vita will come in black, white, olive green, pink, yellow, and blue for a total of six different colors. So, better battery life, thinner device, new screen. Let's hope this gets a release world wide.

Source: Verge