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This GTA V giveaway will probably turn you into a real-life carjacking victim

by: Randy -
More On: Grand Theft Auto V
2013 just might be the Year of Ridiculous Special Editions. GRID 2: Mono Edition costs $190,000 and comes with a BAC Mono street legal supercar, a GRID-branded racing suit and helmet -- oh, and a PlayStation 3. Then, seemingly moments later, the Saints Row IV: Super Dangerous Wad Wad Edition comes along, weighing in at a cool $1,000,000, which includes a Lamborghini, plastic surgery, and a trip into space. It's likely no one bought either of those special editions, or their publishers would be popping champagne and putting out PR news blasts to every geek site from Gaming Nexus to Ars Technica.

Grand Theft Auto V, however, has a different approach. It doesn't have a really, really ridiculously priced special edition that no one's going to buy. In fact, there's no purchase necessary in order to win this real-life custom Bravado Banshee. It's valued at $250,000. The twist is, you'd probably get carjacked for it. Just kidding. But, no, really, it'd be a legitimate concern.