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Nintendo Download for 9/5/2013

by: Jeremy -
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Nintendo fans can log into their console of choice now and check out this week’s offerings on the eShop and Virtual Consoles. This seems like a week of “catch up”as a number of titles that hit the PSN and XBLA over the past couple of months are finally heading to the wii U.

This week’ list includes:
  • Boulder Dash XL 3D for 3DS on eShop
  • Breath of Fire II on Wii U Virtual Console
  • Darts Up 3D for for 3DS on eShop
  • Dungeons & Dragons:Chronicles of Mystara for Wii U on eShop
  • Gianna Sisters: Twisted Dreams for Wii U on eShop
  • Jewel Adventures for DSi and 3DS on eShop
  • Sonic Generations for 3DS on eShop
  • Spot the Differences: Party! for Wii U on eShop
  • Summer Carnival 92 RECCA for 3DS Virtual Console