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Now Loading for the week of September 2, 2013: 'Don’t Sleep Again' Edition

by: Jeremy -
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I am just going to get straight to the point this week as I have a mission for every single gamer out there who sees this listing. Do not make the same mistake so many of you made back in 2011 by passing up on Rayman Origins. Thankfully, despite having nowhere near the sales that excellent game deserved, Origins performed well enough to warrant a sequel. Do yourself, and the word of video games in general, a favor and pick up Rayman Legends this week on whatever platform you choose.

In addition to that, once again you have plenty of options laid out for you this week. There are so many great options in fact, that I couldn’t even begin to limit the list with specific selections. Rayman, DOA5 Ultimate, Diablo 3, Castle of Illusion, Kickbeat... hell, take out a loan and buy them all. This is a good week to be a gamer!

This week’s lineup includes: