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Warframe for the PS4 will be exclusive to that console for three months

by: John -
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Xbox One has an exclusive fps in Titanfall. Now, Sony's got one of their own for three months at least. Warframe, from Digital Extremes, will be exclusive to the PlayStation 4 for the first three months. After that, who knows. It might show up on the Xbox One once the exclusivity deal runs out. Until then, you'll only be able to play the game on a console with a PlayStation 4.

Warframe was one of the games that really impressed me when I saw it at a demonstration in NVIDIA's press event. Travis and I turned to each other going, why aren't we playing this? It's ninjas in space! And it's free to play. 

For now, you can play it on the PC via Steam. There are some purchasable packs, of course, but you can jump into the game without spending a dime if you so desire. 

Source: Videogamer