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Indie games on the Xbox One will allow free to play, microtransactions, etc

by: John -
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Free to play's becoming bigger and bigger these days and it looks like Microsoft's letting the independent developer create games that take advantage of that model.

Microsoft's Chris Charla talked with Joystiq on this subject and with their new self publishing model for independents, they are allowing them access to every business model that any other Xbox One game has as well. 

That means if you want to do microtransactions, you can. If you want your game to be free to play, that's there as well. You have the freedom, as a developer to do whatever you want. 

As mentioned earlier, independents will also have access to the achievements and peripheral support such as SmartGlass and Kinect for use in their games. Sounds like Microsoft's really trying this time to cater to the ever growing independent scene, which is a smart move on their part.