Thrustmaster announces Xbox One Racing Wheel

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While I was salivating over the promise of a great new Forza version for the new Microsoft console, I couldn't help thinking what a shame it would be to have to drive those new cars with their new physics model with a regular game controller; racing games on the Xbox have never been well supported by a high end racing wheel like the venerable T500.

Perhaps those days are gone forever:

Following its Xbox One third-party peripheral official partnership announcement, Thrustmaster is thrilled to announce its first Xbox One peripheral: the TX Racing Wheel, Ferrari 458 Italia Edition, launched for D-Day of “Forza Motorsport 5.”

With over 20 years of expertise in simulation gear, and a close development relationship with Microsoft, Thrustmaster is excited to announce a racing wheel to the Xbox One marketplace.

The challenge faced by both teams was to create a new generation of racing wheels never before seen on the Xbox platform. The TX Racing Wheel, Ferrari 458 Italia Edition will be a 7:10 scale replica of the emblematic Ferrari 458 Italia wheel, and will feature a rubber grip for maximum comfort. The wheel has been developed in collaboration with Microsoft and will be fully dedicated to the Xbox One, including all of the related distinct features: Binder ID, Xbox One guide button, View & App button.

Thanks to Thrustmaster’s unique experience and passion for racing, the wheel has been optimized to provide jaw-droppingly lifelike sensations in “Forza Motorsport 5” on Xbox One, by way of metal gas and brake pedals and wheel-mounted, die-cast paddle shifters.

Details and specifics for this cutting-edge racing wheel will be released in the coming weeks on the Thrustmaster website and the brand new Facebook page; The Thrustmaster X Team.

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