Battlefield 4: Levolutionizing the FPS

by: Sean Colleli -
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The annual showdown between grim, grizzled military shooters is nearly upon us. In answer to CoD Ghosts, the folks at DICE have some innovative new ideas they're bringing to Battlefield 4. Called "Levolution," this overall concept adds dynamism to each map, letting you alter paths through the level with destructive scenery or security gates, cutting lights in a building to disorient enemies, or even taking advantage of fortuitous weather conditions. It's all cool stuff but surprisingly subtle, compared to the flying saucer, Death Star jazz CoD keeps piling on in hopes of making their heavily scripted levels even more attractive to today's vanishingly small attention spans. Hmm, Battlefield is more reserved, measured and "sophisticated" whereas CoD takes the go-for-broke approach...could these be the FPS version of GTA vs. Saints Row?

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