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Creative Assembly talks post-launch support for Total War: Rome II

by: Russell -
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The launch of Total War: Rome II is just two weeks away and Creative Assembly is already talking about post-launch support that includes a mix of free and paid content along with additional bonus features.  Some of the free content and updates will include improvements to the game's compatibility, optimization, and integral features such as AT and gameplay balancing as well as new control schemes and additional free formats on other operating systems.

In addition to the free content, Creative Assembly will also be releasing Culture Packs that will add more playable factions and unique units, Feature Packs that will add gameplay or wide-ranging aesthetic changes, and Campaign Packs that will add new story-based campaign expansions.  While the Greek States Culture Pack DLC and free Pontus playable faction update will come on day one, players can add the Seleucid Empire to their roster for free in October as well as the Nomadic Tribes Culture Pack as paid-for DLC.

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