Now Loading for the week of August 26, 2013: ‘Are You Ready for Some Football?’ Edition

by: Jeremy -
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If the kids returning to school isn’t sure-fire proof that fall is here, perhaps the start of the football season will do the trick. We are officially on the fast track towards the Holiday Season with a crap-top of new releases hitting nearly every week up through November. This week brings a wide variety of choices to the market, including a couple of major titles that are worth paying special attention to:
  • Madden 25: It is the 25th anniversary of EA’s Madden franchise and the result is what appears to be a bit of a scaled-back release. Madden NFL 25 is only launching on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 this week, as opposed to hitting pretty much every console available at its launch in the past. There are PS3 and Xbox One versions in store for both systems’ launch in November. Sean reviewed the 360 version last week and found it to be one of the more memorable and impressive entries in recent years. The connected franchise and Ultimate Team options in particular give the game nearly endless replayability.
  • Game Dev Tycoon: The mobile phenomenon is finally making its way to a more established platform as Game Dev Tycoon launches on Steam this week. It is very easy to criticize the developers and publishers, but let’s see how you do when you are in their shoes! This sim-experience will allow you to pretty much chronicle the last 30 years of game development seeing if you can make it on your own.
  • Lost Planet 3: I have really high hopes for Lost Planet 3, even though I should probably know a little better. The first game blew me away, as did the second, although for totally different reasons. While I found the original game to be one of the most refreshing experiences of the current generation, the sequels was the complete opposite. The series seemed to have lost its way but the early looks at the new installment make it appear as though things are back on track. I hope that I am right about this one!
This week’s lineup: