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Here, have some new Grand Theft Auto V screenshots!

by: Nathan -
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Rockstar knows you want Grand Theft Auto V, they know you are waiting. So what do they do? Well torture you with new screenshots of course. The new screenshots are pretty much your standard screenshots that they release including some beautiful aerial views of the city and a close up of our three new protagonists. 

The official website has also been updated with new pages on the Los Santos & Blaine County Visitors' Travelogue with three new recreational activities including the local artisans (Tattoo shops), The country club (Golf) and serenity & wellness (Yoga). I will give this warning though, the serenity & wellness part of the site features some... uhh.. not safe for work photos. I have done plenty of yoga before, but nothing like this. 

The wait is almost over everyone! Grand Theft Auto V releases on September 17th which means we got about three more weeks to go.