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Live in Southern California? Want to try out Killer Instinct?

by: Matt -
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Super Arcade is one of the last bastions of Southern California arcades, and is a prominent locale in the fighting game community. Which makes them privvy to certain perks, like Double Helix stopping by with the latest build of Killer Instinct for the public to get their hands on. Tomorrow (Friday, August 23rd) from 7pm on, the arcade will play host to their weekly 'Console Casuals' which includes the latest and greatest in fighting games, with devs from Double Helix on hand and a stream station showing the latest progress in the Xbox One fighter, including a playable Chief Thunder who was recently revealed this past week. 

Further information can be found on Super Arcade's Facebook Page, and for those who cannot attend, you can watch the stream on IE Battlegrounds' Twitch channel located here.