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EA Sports announces Time Traveling Fantasy Teams and Co-op Seasons

by: Jeff -
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Have you ever wanted to make the ultimate soccer team, but couldn't since Pele hasn't played since 1977? Well, with FIFA 14 Ultimate Team, you'll be able to mix in a slew a legendary players with your roster of today's soccer stars. Each legendary player will have unique attributes that showcase their skills at the height of their careers, and will be randomly included in Gold Packs in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team when the Xbox One launches.

Also, EA Sports announced that FIFA 14 will include a new online mode- Co-op Seasons. Team up with a friend and play 2v2 ranked matches with anyone in the world. Match Day has been expanded to include both Seasons and Co-op Seasons, connecting the player's teams with real world events.

The FIFA 14 demo will launch worldwide for Xbox 360 and PC on September 10, as well as for the PlayStation 3 in North America. the PlayStation 3 demo will be available worldwide on September 11.

Additionally, players who purchase FIFA 14 for Xbox 360 and PlayStion 3 will be able to seamlessly transfer their teams, in-game items and currency to their new Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles. 
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