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Total War: Rome II - expert mode unboxing

by: Sean Colleli -
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I've seen some pretty cool unboxing videos in my time. Some funny ones too--Atlus always has a good sense of humor about it. But Rally Point is taking the unboxing of their upcoming strategy title Total War: Rome II to a whole new level. Check out the video below to watch them try to get the goodies out of the box while being tackled by trained attack dogs. The best part? The dogs don't even damage the precious collector's box. They just go after the developers. Really, take a look at this. Oh, and preorder soon--the collector's edition is limited to 22,000 copies and they're running out faster than a game developer running from a German shepherd.
In what is surely the most anticipated unboxing in videogame history, Rally Point's Craig and Will attempt to unbox the Total War: ROME II Collector's Edition. There's one catch: they're being chased and attacked by trained attack dogs. Trained... attack... dogs.
Will they die? Will anything be left of them for the long drive home? Find out in the Total War: Rome II unboxing!

To view the Total War: ROME II - Collector's Edition War Dog Unboxing video on the official Creative Assembly YouTube channel, please follow the link below.
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