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Hi-Rez teams with Tencent to bring SMITE to Asian gamers and tons of new content coming soon

by: Nathan -
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Huge SMITE news came out today and could change the future of the third-person MOBA forever. Hi-Rez has teamed with Tencent to be the official world wide publisher of the game. 

For those unaware of Tencent, or don't know why this is huge news, they are the majority owner of Riot games, makers of the insanely popular League Of Legends and specialize and world wide publishing including huge markets like China. This means that now Hi-Rez can potentially bring SMITE up to League of Legends level in terms of popularity. More players means more funding for Hi-Rez. More funding means faster and better updates. Faster and better updates means the community is happy and it brings more players in. It's a win-win situation for everyone involved. 

Hi-Rez released a video update about how the game has changed visually over the months and content they are working on or the future including 10 vs. 10 battles coming Q4 of this year. I can only imagine how chaotic that is gonna be.

Hi-Rez has also released another new trailer for the game announcing that three new Chinese gods are coming to the game soon. 

Guan Yu and Sun Wukong are getting complete overhauls and while they were already in the game at one point, they will play and look entirely different once they are re-released. We also get a brief glimpse at the brand new god Zhong Khui. No surprise that they are focusing on the Chinese gods now. I'm sure they want to make a good impression for their new Asian market. 

Check out the announcement of Hi-Rez's partnership with Tencent, the development update trailer and the trailer for the three new Chinese gods below. 
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