Gamescom Titanfall trailer is four minutes and twenty seconds of awesome

by: Chuck -
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It's getting exceedingly difficult to not get overly excited about Titanfall as Respawn keeps releasing amazing footage of the game like this new trailer that was unveiled at Gamescom. Sure the giant robots fighting stuff looks cool but what really grabs me is the interplay of the on foot soldiers with the robots.  Much like the tanks in Battlefield 3 the Titans can dominate a battle but they can be taken out with coordinated attacks and smart tactics.

The Titans are also balanced by the jetpacks that you have when you're not in a Titan, allowing ground troops to move around quickly and go vertical when they are trying to evade Titan fire.

It will be interesting to see if Titanfall can live up to all of this hype.  Folks at Gamescom will actually get a chance to play the game and I'm looking forward to reading hands on reports to see if the game plays as well as it looks.