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Help Awesomenauts become even more awesome

by: Russell -
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Have you been enjoying Awesomenauts?  If so you'll be happy to know that the new Awesomenauts expansion has a Kickstarter that has recently been launched.  In the new expansion called Starstorm, the Starstorm station, an ancient doomsday device, has been activated.  It was supposed to be the weapon that would bring victory to the robot hordes, but thankfully the robots were defeated and the battle station was never activated.  As you can probably guess, it's now been activated.  At this point, the droid armies of the Ones and Zeros are giving everything they have to gain control of the stations power.  The expansion also introduces three new Awesomenauts: Ted McPain, Sentry X-58, and Skree.

If you'd like more info, check out the expansion's Kickstarter page.  If you're interested in supporting it and don't have the original game yourself, a donation of $15 can change that as you'll get a key for the original game on Steam once the expansion is released, so that's something to keep in mind.  As of the time of this post they're already over half-way to their goal with twenty-eight days left to go.
‚ÄčAwesomenauts Starstorm Expansion Kickstarter launched!

An ancient threat has awakened in the indie game Awesomenauts' universe! The powerful Starstorm station has been activated! The most spectacular doomsday device ever to have been in production, it was supposed to be the weapon that would bring victory to the robot hordes. Fortunately, the robots were defeated and the battle station was never activated, until now.

In present times, the enduring war between the droid armies of the Ones and Zeros has been shaken up by this news, and both are giving everything they have to try and gain control of the Starstorm's massive destructive power.

With the Starstorm, three new heroes emerge to join the ranks of the Awesomenauts: Ted McPain, a classic hero from ancient times; Sentry X-58, the most cunning undercover robot and Skree, the powerful but superstitious techno shaman. These heroes form the core of the new Awesomenauts Expansion called Awesomenauts: Starstorm!

Together with the new characters, the oft-requested Spectator mode will be built. It will allow players to join their friends' game and see what they're up to! Additionally, global chatrooms, a twin stick controlscheme and new music will be added to the game. To get this giant battle station off the ground though, Ronimo asks for help through an epic Kickstarter: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ronimo/awesomenauts-starstorm

And the stretch goals make the expansion even more ambitious! Adding a full-on replay system, custom games, modding tools with Steam integration and of course the actual Starstorm station as a playable level!

Finally, the expansion and much of its features will also be made available in the recently announced PlayStation 4 version!

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