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[Gamescom] Pool Nation FX plays off the PlayStation 4 "blur box" reveal video

by: Randy -
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Riffing off the now iconic (or agitating) "blur box" PlayStation 4 reveal, Pool Nation FX feels it's time to let everyone know it'll be there for the PS4's launch this holiday season. Riding high off Pool Nation's success on the PS3 and Xbox 360, the FX part of the newly revealed title adds the Box of Tricks, giving players increased freedom in setting up trick shots by further developing the in-game editor. The style is still mad slick--like Grand Theft Auto concept art in Mirror's Edge boardrooms--and the video reveal itself is worth at least a tight-lipped grin.
​Spoofin’ and goofin’ on the PS4 reveal trailer
It might be blurred but the Box of Tricks is coming...
Gemma Jessop had this to say: “We noted the success of the blurred box and thought what a great idea! – As an Indie you have to think outside the box to get noticed, and that’s just what we did. We wanted to tastefully recreate a video that people instantly recognised, secondly to showcase our assets and finally just to have a little bit of fun – and we hope we’ve succeeded.”
Gemma added “We can’t believe the response! And we’re hoping that over the Gamescom period, that will grow even more. Last year we ran around Manchester in giant inflatable pool ball costumes to promote our Endurance mode, and even that didn’t generate the number of views this has done in just a few days, so we’re really pleased… and let me tell you it was freezing inside that inflatable ball!”
Cherry Pop Games aren’t afraid to get creative in order to get noticed. Confirming “we’re proud of the games we create, and are pleased that the community agrees too”, with what has been widely accredited as the best pool game on any console. Pool Nation FX ® is set to be launched this November on PlayStation 4®– and as always Cherry Pop promise a fresh approach to the launch.
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