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My thoughts on Grand Theft Auto V Online

by: Nathan -
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It's hard for me to put into words what I felt as I watched the absolutely stunning Grand Theft Auto V Online trailer this morning. I was expecting to see some cool city wide Deathmatch games and not much more. Then I saw the trailer and to be honest, I was speechless. I didn't say a single word as my jaw was on the floor the entire time. There is no doubt in my mind that Grand Theft Auto V will be the game of the year. Hell, it could be game of the decade.

From the gameplay trailer released last month, to the online trailer now, it's stunning to me that Rockstar has been able to create a game with a gigantic world filled with amazing graphics, constant innovation, and what looks to be addicting and incredibly fun gameplay. I mean, they made the stock market fun. The stock market! You can take out stock in certain car manufacturers and then destroy rival manufacturers cars to sink their stock. You can get together with friends and all go skydiving, or race on land, sea and air. You can, well, do just about anything and that is what I love most about the Grand Theft Auto series. It's so easy just to get addicted to one of the many meta games in the entire package. 

The one thing that I am really looking forward to, is customizing your own appartment. I absolutely love games where you can truly customize the game to make it your own. Collecting cars and then pimping them out is something I have loved about these types of games as well. This alone will give me hours of fun that will probably be worth the $60 price tag.

This is the Grand Theft Auto game I have been waiting for since I first loaded the Grand Theft Auto III disk into my Playstation 2. Just the level of insane freedom you have both in single player and multiplayer is crazy. I can tell I am going to be sinking hundreds, possibly thousands of hours into this game 

Grand Theft Auto V is looking to be the swan song for the current generation of consoles. Sure they are still going to release current gen games, but what a better way to usher in the new consoles than to release possibly the best game the current gen has to offer. If this is what Grand Theft Auto is capable of on current gen systems, I can only imagine what Grand Theft Auto VI will be like on next gen consoles. 

All of my money. TAKE IT!