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Say hello to your new obsession: GTA Online

by: Jeremy -
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Rockstar games has finally decided to come clear about their plans for GTA 5‘s online mode. The multiplayer aspect of the game will be known simply as Grand Theft Auto Online. We’re talking about a persistent world with structured and unstructured activities for you and up to 15 friends.

Take all of the things that you do within the world of the game and imagine bringing your friends into the fold. You can even buy your own apartment and garage to give you and your crew(s) hubs for getting together and keeping your various goods. This is such an open, dynamic experience that it is hard to imagine what you can’t do with it... there is even a mission creator-styled mode that lets you create your own races and deathmatch situations that can be shared and played with the world.

Access to GTA Online will be included with every retail copy of GTA5 and will launch on October 1, 2013 and you can check out the trailer right here: